Reasons you should choose Pryce ERP

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Pryce ERP is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution designed for midsize to large enterprises in a wide range of industries, including retail, construction, manufacturing, education, HR management and professional services among others. Pryce presents you comprehensive & leading-edge business solutions for amplification and further growth of your business.

Reasons to choose Pryce ERP-

  1. Pryce ERP is a comprehensive system encompassing all business obligations of an enterprise.
  2.  Every Module is designed especially to fit the enterprise’s business processes.
  3.  Dynamic Dashboards and ERP productivity features including Email, Calendar, Tasks, etc.
  4.  Consolidation of Data in Real time
  5.  Inbuilt Workflow Management System
  6.  Biometric Attendance hardware fully integrated with ERP functionality
  7.  Inbuilt innovative Document Management System
  8.  Integrated Business Intelligence
  9.  Multi-Lingual, Multi-Tenant, Multi-Brands, Multi-Currency, Multi-Units of Measurement (UoM) schema.
  10.  Highly Scalable with numerous add-ons
  11.  Can be accessed through Desktop, Web & Mobile
  12.  Strong user role-based security features
  13.  Highly customizable. Easy to set up customer and suppliers groups according to specific prices/discounts,  product models, Tax requirements etc.
  14.  Quick project execution and implementation. Extensive support and training by our professional and  dedicated team.

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