Pryce ERP Benefits

pryce erp

Market Leader with Simplicity

PRYCE ERP on Solution helps you leverage sophisticated IT infrastructure on demand and run it like a service. Being hosted on public-Solution, you get to access our proven technology that has helped several companies, across the globe, transform the way they run their businesses.

With zero or minimal capital expenditures and pay-for-use subscription offer, the PRYCE ERP gives you tremendous cost saving opportunities. There is no requirement for any new investment on hardware, training or additional IT staff. Besides, you need not invest regularly on upgrades and software maintenance as these are periodically and automatically pushed to the core product. Now, you can enable your tech team to drive innovations in business rather than spending valuable time and money on maintaining and running your IT infrastructure.

Enhancing Creativity for Business Success

From the operation standpoint, PRYCE ERP on Solution offers a comprehensive suite of business applications that delivers powerful functionalities, which are in-depth, flexible and scalable in nature. It gives you power to quickly adapt to any business changes. As the PRYCE ERP is completely modular, you can choose to implement select modules or the complete PRYCE ERP based on your business needs to achieve the perfect fit for your business. And when your business changes, you can size up or size down, as per your requirements. This flexibility ensures you to grab every business opportunity without worrying on your back-end support and scale as per your goals.

Benefits of Pryce ERP

Internal Benefits-

  • A complete overview of all business activities just a few clicks away with the integration of a single source of data and customized reports
  •  Standardized HR, financial and operational information
  •  Ease of access, sharing and reliability of information and communication between different departments
  •  Speed up operation process, reduce Inventory and unnecessary expenses
  •  Quick analysis, planning and decision making process for increased productivity and future improvement
  • A real-time system
  •  Adopt a set of “best practices” for carrying out all business processes

External Benefits-

  •   Faster customer service, client satisfaction and order fulfillment
  •   Improved communication with suppliers and customers
  •   Better coordination with suppliers, vendors and warehouse staff
  •   Increased customer retention, sales and profits
  •   Edge over competitors
  •   Email / SMS Marketing


Why Choose Pryce ERP?

  • Pryce ERP is a comprehensive system encompassing all business obligations of an enterprise.
  •  Every Module is designed especially to fit the enterprise’s business processes.
  •  Dynamic Dashboards and ERP productivity features including Email, Calendar, Tasks, etc.
  •  Consolidation of Data in Real time
  •  Inbuilt Workflow Management System
  •  Biometric Attendance hardware fully integrated with ERP functionality
  •  Inbuilt innovative Document Management System
  •   Integrated Business Intelligence
  •  Multi-Lingual, Multi-Tenant, Multi-Brands, Multi-Currency, Multi-Units of Measurement (UoM) schema.
  •  Highly Scalable with numerous add-ons
  •  Can be accessed through Desktop, Web & Mobile
  •  Strong user role-based security features
  •  Highly customizable. Easy to set up customer and suppliers groups according to specific prices/discounts, product models, Tax requirements etc.
  •  Quick project execution and implementation. Extensive support and training by our professional and dedicated team.