Manufacturing Industry

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Manufacturing has had a long association with IT and systems. Business strategies are enabled through IT infrastructure, thus minimizing the latency between supply chain on one side and marketing initiatives and customer feedback on the other.

The overarching goal is to reduce the Fixed Costs in manufacturing and to gain from better operational practices. The Human Capital Management Software used by the organization can play a vital role here by providing an appropriate environment and platform for people to perform. HR strategies implemented on the floor have to align with the level of automation in the manufacturing facility. When the level of automation is high, HR focuses more on employee training and rewards, process improvements and innovation. When manufacturing is labor intensive, HR focuses on incentivizing employees to focus on the target at hand.

It must be noted that manufacturing has always rewarded employee suggestions through continuous quality improvement programs and initiatives like 5S, TQM, Six Sigma, and Lean.

  • Enable an employee to understand the Supply Chain through programs such as Job Rotation & Cross Training
  • Set up a training calendar for continuous training
  • Gamify the results of the training program to make it fun
  • Reward employees for successful conduct and splash the news on social channels