Top 14 benefits of ERP

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The fundamental advantage of an ERP lies in it’s ability to improve the quality and efficiency of the business.  ERP can save a lot of time and money by integrating all the business process under a centralized ERP. The ERP makes the data visible across the organization facilitating faster decisions with fewer errors.

Internal Benefits-

  • A complete overview of all business activities just a few clicks away with the integration of a single source of data and customized reports.
  •  Standardized HR, financial and operational information.
  •  Ease of access, sharing and reliability of information and communication between different departments.
  •  Speed up operation process, reduce Inventory and unnecessary expenses.
  •  Quick analysis, planning and decision making process for increased productivity and future improvement
  • A real-time system.
  •  Adopt a set of “best practices” for carrying out all business processes.

External Benefits-

  •   Faster customer service, client satisfaction and order fulfillment
  •   Improved communication with suppliers and customers
  •   Better coordination with suppliers, vendors and warehouse staff
  •   Increased customer retention, sales and profits
  •   Edge over competitors
  •   Email / SMS Marketing
  •   Higher Return on Investment (ROI)


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